vrijdag 11 oktober 2013

Coast Reinforcement Katwijk (Kustversterking Katwijk)

Coast Reinforcement Katwijk - © zwitserw
The beginning of the work for reinforcing the coast to sustain sea-level rises and improve economic and spatial quality of the seaside town. The town of Katwijk is part of the coastline that protects well over 5 million people from being flooded. The dunes at Katwijk do not meet the obligatory security levels for a 1:10.000 year storm. It needs to be reinforced, which requires severe heightening or widening of the dunes. See also: Coast Reinforcement Katwijk

More about Coast Reinforcement Katwijk: Kustwerk Katwijk
Webcam: Webcam Coast Reinforcement Katwijk

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